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How we will

   help you


   Your life

We customize workouts that are designed with your specific goals in mind.

We give you nutritional guidance and advice to help you meet your goals and help you become a healthier individual.

Whatever you preference is we have something that will fit your needs

 Our options are

One on one personal training at Octagon MMA and Krav Maga

Which is a small family owned gym that offers a more personal experience.


Online one on one personal training

Get all the benefits of working with a trainer from the comfort of your own home

Individualized monthly workout plans sent to you via email.  Which enables you to workout any time and any place that you want but still have the experience and guidance that comes with a personal trainer.


Fitness and Lifestyle coach.

Need a little extra help and motivation in your life?  This gives you the benefits of having someone to guide you to a better more productive lifestyle.                       



We also specialize in women's self defense which includes boxing and kickboxing.

These sessions not only give you a good cardio workout but also teach you the skills you need know to defend yourself and your family.  Something every female should know.



We look forward to helping you meet all your goals.

Contact us today. 

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