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Excuses, ain't nobody got time for that

I’m tired, too busy, it’s too cold out, it’s too hot, work was terrible, my significant other and I are fighting, I’m under too much stress. I just want to binge watch tv, take a nap, pig out. One day off becomes two days, becomes three months becomes a year and turns into a lifetime. Good habits are replaced with bad ones. Excuses become the new norm. They control your life and limit your potential. Just think what you could do, what you could accomplish, if let the excuses go. Where would your life be without them? Who could you become and what could you gain? When you let go of excuses it’s a new day and a new you. Nothing to keep you from meeting your goals and changing your life. Take that first step. Walk into the gym, meet with a trainer, jump into that workout. Soon you will see that one workout turns into two, turns into months turns into a lifetime. Give it a try and see how letting go of excuses changes your life not only with fitness but with everything else.

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